Monthly Update: March 2017

Busy Month: Switching Gears

Well this month was crazy busy. You all know how it goes and that is never an excuse. I was developing a game about 1 year ago that I put up on Green Light. It didn’t do very well because of a lot of reasons. I didn’t have a large social network (still don’t), it was a very specific game that might only appeal to a small group of people, etc etc etc. So I kind of just thought it would disappear. Well here we are, almost one year later and it is almost green lite. Only need a few more votes. I thought the game had just disappeared from off the face of the earth, but it is still rolling along (slowly). So I decided to put a temporary hold on my current project and revisit my older project. I didn’t like all the old code I was using so I decided to start from scratch to use everything I have learned the past several months. I also wanted to try and make it online multiplayer.

I spent two weeks or so getting the online functionality to work, but found that it wasn’t working the way I wanted. The game is very physics heavy, and I didn’t have enough experience to get the physics to work the way I wanted it to online. So I went back to making it local only, keeping the scope of the game tight. So that was two weeks gone, I learned a lot though so that is never a loss. I then started implementing all the old functionality of the previous version and found I was substantially better than when I had first started the project. My code was cleaner, faster, and easier to modify. I found that I got a lot done, even though it wasn’t a lot of time I could put into it. So by the end of this month I should be pretty far having built up a good framework of code.

I didn’t get to work on any 3D assets though, and that is a shame. I have high aspirations for the month of April.

Goals For April:

1) Get 4 ships done in my new project (Space Dance Melee).
2) Get 1 treasure chest done (4-5 different textures).
3) Get 2 video tutorials out.

Green Light:

I am sorry I didn’t have a video of my updates this month, but if you want to see the game I have been working on you can go to my Green Light page and see what it is about. It has your typical promo video, but it also has an interesting video of me playing the game and talking about it for about 10 minutes. If you are interested in that sort of thing. 😉

Space Dance Melee Green Light Page

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