Monthly Update: February 2017

Wow this month was fast, like really really fast. I didn’t achieve my lofty goals of last month, but boy howdy did I make a lot of progress. I worked. I worked a lot, just didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I read something really powerful that has helped though. It basically said, that which is measured it worked upon.

So this next month I am going to start to record how much time I spend reading Reddit, waisting time, working, sleeping, playing, etc. I want to make sure I am using my time the way I want to be using my time. Again, I think this month I struck a good balance, but I can always improve.

So what did I accomplish on my game?

1-Implemented the following. Basic level layout for the main area and a few side rooms.
2-Figured out a slick method for prototyping levels, I will make a video tutorial about it later in March.
3-Tightened player movement.
4-Had an outside party test my game and see if it was enjoyable. So far so good. Got a lot of good feedback and implemented what I agreed with. This could be a topic unto itself.
5- Implemented turrets that would aim (3d physics of a lobbying projectile, math for the win!)
6- Implemented health pickups
7-Implemented lava
8-Basic UI
9-Death of the player
10-Activation system
11-Enemy- robo ants
12- Moving platforms. HOLY STINK moving platforms. These things took me easily 40 hours to implement because of Unity and physics and rigidbodies and AHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHH. Anyways I got it working, good for me.
13- Doors
14-Start to boss ai. He can jump around, yipee!

So no, I didn’t get a whole playable level, but I got a lot of necessicary pieces. Goal for next month, get a whole playable level. Hopefully I wont find something as hard as moving platforms.

So what did I accomplish on my assets:

I finished another chest with around 15 different textures. Looks nice.
Didn’t reach my goal, but I did something. Goal for this next month is two different types of chests. That’s it.

So what did I accomplish in my personal goals.

Excersice, not so much. I tried, but didn’t do very well until the end of the month.


Good month, but everything takes longer and is harder than you think. I took time to stop and smell the roses but I still worked hard. I genuinely enjoy working hard. I think I only had one night that I had time to work in which I didn’t, so there’s that.

Goals for March:

Finish the level of my game
Finish 2 chests
Work out 6 hours a week and record my progress
Keep spending free time balanced between working and family. Family is awesome. 🙂


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