Blender Addon: Bpainter (Texture Painting in Blender Made Easy)

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What is Bpainter

Bpainter is a paid addon for Blender that improves Blender texture painting functionality by adding features such as layers, improve color selection, gradient fill, and the like. I fully recommend this software for anyone who wants to do stylized painting while still staying within Blender. Bpainter does not do multi-channel PBR texturing and is mostly designed for stylized texturing and is not a replacement for a core software such as Substance Painter.

It took me about an hour before I started to really get why Bpainter was exceptional software, but as soon as I did it all clicked and was a very enjoyable process. There are limitations, but they are mostly the limitation imposed by Blender. Sometimes the seams can behave oddly, and sometimes the clipping doesn’t work the way you would expect. But with the right feature settings, you can easily overcome these shortcomings.


Bpainter has a variety of different brushes and settings that allow you to create even more brushes. You can control a variety of settings such as flow, stroke type, texture, clipping, and more. It has curve editing functionality to get the perfect type of brush. Bpainter has an eraser, fill, clone, and stencil brush as well. The fill brush can fill a layer with a single color, or even add a gradient up the textured object. Finally, you also have access to control the amount of seam bleed each brush has, helping you get rid of pesky seems.

Brush image

Features-(Color, Textures, and Stencils)

The color panel has a simple color selection tool reminiscent of Blender’s default cooler picker, but it also comes with a customizable/exportable color pallet for all of your favorite colors on the go. Holding alt-clicking will also give you a color picker that selects the color of the base material and not the color of the pixel on the screen. This is a very welcome function that exists in Zbrush but not Substance Painter.

You can link files of textures in order to be used as textures or stencils in you different brushes as well. This leads to a very intuitive and quick workflow.

color image



Bpainter has a full functioning layer system with moveable layers and a variety of blend types. You are able to create textures of varying resolution as well, just in case you want some extra speed or detail. You are able to select which material you are painting on as well as what UV set you want to use, giving you further customization over your workflow and options. This single feature is almost enough to justify the software, but it also has all the other amazing features as well.

layer image


Bpainter is exceptional software. It takes some time to get behind, but I found as soon as I started a project I was able to move quickly and efficiently. The best part of this software is that it is clean and comfortable to use. I don’t find myself having to try and bounce around from one option to the next, but rather after a little bit of setup can just sit back and painter. Let me know what you think below, do you use Bpainter or are you thinking about getting it? Do you texture paint in Blender without it, if so why? 😉

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